Monday, March 19, 2007

Exhibiton day one

The imposing frontage of the Guildhall in Derby is the venue for exhibition and my 'home' for the next six days.
The foyer contains the exhibition space and is well lit and visible from the outside. Everyone entering the building sees my work. Currently there is a Gilbert and Sullivan Opera each evening till Saturday drawing in around 120 people each night..they get to see my work too!!

Jan did most of the work hanging the pictures..believe it or not she enjoys the process!The table in the top left of the picture is where I will sit demonstrating my work. The table in the foreground holds my prints,cards etc for sale.

And's me!It took us 2 1/2 hours to hang everything and get ready to receive visitors.When we did open it started snowing outside and people came in to keep dry.We had around 40 people visit during the afternoon. Lots of good conversation..but no sales.I'll keep you up to date with how it all go's!..Finally. Thank you to those reading this Blog as a result of seeing me today..please leave a comment ..Bye for now!


Devil Mood said...

I love it!!!
It's so sophisticated! Most of the exhibits I went to are in blank, anonimous places, this is so much better :)
I really wish I could go!

Sue said...

It seems like an outstanding location for a show! I can't even imagine putting it all out there for display. I admire your courage as well as your art!

I don't know what happened last week, I hope you know that you have my support too... I'm glad you're back!

Sue said...

Oh yeah, one more thing... I wish I could come to the show!!!

Niall said...

DM.It's part of the most historic part of the city (once a Roman settlement)..compared to Porta it's small..but just down the road is the Industrial Museum which is housed in the Silk Mill, The first recognised 'Factory' and therefore the start os the 'Industrial Revolution'!!

Sue:..It's a lovely place to exhibit in..right in the centre of the city..

Thank you for encouragement both of you!..It think of my'blogging friends' when I'm at the exhibition..Iwish you could all be here.Makes me realise that we are all part of a Global Community in some way...YEAH!

Ps said...

Really really impressive Niall.Jan did some real hard work.Wish I could be there.Good luck.