Monday, March 26, 2007

Corn 18+ A380

Back to work but still feeling tired..I guess this is due to me being so old!(LOL!Thanks DM!)..still..pressed on with 'Corn'. I am now half way through the picture and having completed nearly 80 hours it's shaping up to being the longest I've ever worked on one piece.

The morning was also exciting (for me at least) as the Airbus A380 made a low flypast. I live near to the Rolls Royce aero engine division which produces the mighty Trent Engines that power the largest airliner in the world.As a thank you to the people of Derby the A380 made a series of flypasts.My pathetic little photo doesn't do it was surprisingly quiet but one was aware of the huge amount of power available to the pilot, as it hung in the sky like an angelic metal eagle.


Bob-kat said...

That seems to be the length of time I've been working on my essay! LOL! I do love seeing the progress you make with your art though and it is looking excellent.

It's quite a coincidence but I live near an airbus factory where they are making parts of the A380 too!

Devil Mood said...

It's amazing, the Airbus flew over Portugal yesterday! It must be a big bird :)
Yes, you are extremely old, I'm surprised you are working at all today! ;) No seriously, 80 hours already it's a long time!

Niall said... seemed as if the whole of the city came out to watch the flypast. My Sons told me that school sent all the pupils out to see it too..a very large proportion of Derby's population work for RR and rely on it for their livelihood.

DM. I believe it was the same aircraft on it's way back to South of france. My picture is going to be around 150 hours I think..the most I've ever dne before this one was 'Elephantine' which took around 120...