Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Corn 19

I've worked on the narrow looking building In the centre of the page ..some intricate work here and I'm happy with it.The most tedious part will be the buildings on the left , most of which are in shadow.

I'm currently working with a 'Daylight' bulb in the evenings..This photo was taken by it's light. It's all been a bit comical really. I met a man at my exhibition who told me about a store in Derby which sold them..so I went there on Sunday and bought one..it's actually in the shape of a standard light bulb but is blue in colour.(I'd hoped to find an energy saving version..)..then I bought a cheap desk lamp. Aat home I eagerly tramped off upstairs to try it out only to find that the bulb has a bayonet fitting and the lamp has a screw socket.

It turns out that the bulb only comes with that fitting(in this town anyway)..and nobody sells bayonet desk lamps..So I've put the bulb in an old table lamp and tied it to my old Ikea lamp so that it can sit at an angle over my drawing...there's no shade so if I look up I get blinded..also my forehead gets hot from the proximity of the bulb and so I have to sit back often. I hope you feel free to laugh at my situation because that's exactly what I'm doing!....more tomorrow.


Ps said...

Was just picturing you working in India.You would have no such problems.There is so much sunshine in this country.What you might need right now is an Air conditioner.

Devil Mood said...

Wow, that building is...a piece of work! And art too ;)
Where is that? It could be in Portugal.
I'm glad you can laugh! Don't let the adverse environment stop you!