Friday, March 02, 2007

Corn 3

I love it when people question my reasons for doing what I do..I suppose deep down I have a need to prove myself and thus when somebody seems unable to grasp the concept of Hyperpointillism, it pushes me on to greater intensity and representation. I spent most of today working on the trousers to the right of the picture. If you will believe me..each and every dot is placed in its position ! It's still early and I have more time to work this evening...see you tomorrow!


Ps said...

Niall, you have already proved yourself.Your work speaks volumes.It is amazing, brilliant,superb,sui generic--I'll nver get tired of praising it, because I never cease to be amazed by your talent.
As regards people who question--glad you take it positively--I just feel that they cannot probably relate to pictures!;-)

Allan said...

Perhaps they miss the point
For me, as a long standing fan of Naills work it is the precise positioning of so many individual dots which in themselves have no correlation, together produce an image of such striking sublety and beauty. Metaphores abound, but I liken Nialls creations to the nature of matter itself. On an atomic level everything in the universe is simply space with dots

Niall said...

Thank you Preeti/Allan. Critisism does not 'hurt' spurs me onward. The sadness I might feel is concern for those who cannot appreciate something for what it is rather than impossing a predjudicial set of supposed rules as to what is supposed to be the criteria for'Art'.

Katherine said...

You are so talented! I'm absolutely amazed looking at the first pass of this picture until now.