Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Corn 20 - Wednesday

I spent six hours solid dotting the light blue area of the buildings to the left.This evening I've had the use of the daylight lamp again..this time Jan managed to find a screw fitting bulb whilst at an art shop now I can dispense with the 'contraption' I had yesterday. I've found it much easier to concentrate when it's dark now I have this eyes don't feel at all tired sitting down to write this.

I find the words of the 'Decadent' painters mixing with something Gaugin said about painting what you feel not what you see..I think I'm reacting against such a closely accurate drawing such as this one and want to just let loose once in a while. I'm also extremely aware that my residency which should begin next month will focus on a specific subject for a year..this will mean either introducing a symbolic,surreal element to my work or having two lots of work going at the same time. I'm sure it'll work out but I suppose I'm thinking out loud (albeit on the page).

I feel I should be reading other peoples Blogs more often. Don't you sometimes go through phases of reading every day then leaving it until guilt makes you return?..I find that despite not reading that often, I catch myself during the day thinking of someone I have read about as if I will see them later in the evening. You know, I'd love us to have matter transporters (like Star Trek)..then we could all meet up in some wonderful bar in ....oh ..say Paris and drink and talk..then all transport back to our own homes. ......I can dream!


SP said...

your artwork looks quite realistic.

Niall said...

Thank you SP!..The technique allows for any degree of's only limited by my patience and eyesight!

Ps said...

Dream on!! Sometime back Man only dreamt tht he could land on the moon!!
Dreams are very important.Looking forward to your surrealistic work.