Thursday, March 22, 2007

Corn 15 - Exhibition day 4

Hello!..I'd firstly like to take this opportunity to welcome new readers if you're joining me tonight.Please take time to look into my archives and see what you've been missing!..then why not leave a comment on today's post...It was good to meet you today or over the past few days, please take time to return again and check on the development of my work.

Today was good. Sold three more pieces and had around 76 visitors to the exhibition...and the numbers should increase towards the weekend!. There were many favourable comments and I had the opportunity to meet some genuinely interested and knowledgeable people. Of note were a couple from Nottingham who struck me as being not only familiar with art and artists, but had an air of something deeply humbling ..peace, love and beauty.They were interested in my Little Nemo and the friendly Dragon. I was also able to work on and off on my current picture for around four hours.(see above)

If you exit the exhibition and turn left, you enter the Market Hall(pictured above)..a gloriously Victorian cast iron girded roof.A balcony houses many small stalls selling all manner of things .Below is a picture of one of the fruit stalls.Thursday is usually a quiet day in the market..but on it's busiest days there is hardly room to's such an atmospheric and friendly place! My Osnabruck Square picture is from a view leading into this building.

Leaving the Market hall and going back to the exhibition you come back under the clock tower of the Guildhall..this picture below is taken outside the door to the exhibition area which is on the right.

I hope to see many more people in the next two remaining days of the exhibition..please remember that my website has many pictures available to buy as prints..P&P is included in the price and I'll post to anywhere in the world! Thanks for reading..see you tomorrow


Devil Mood said...

Oh, things are going so well, I'm really pleased for you! :)
That market looks so perfect and clean, it's almost fake, as in...impossible!
Wow, I think 76 is a lot of people! You're really lucky to have such a great context to exhibit on :)