Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Corn 14 - Exhibition day 3

Didn't sell any work today. Not many people called in (only 43)..Had neck ache...the sun shone..I ate Tuna sandwiches..fireman did a drill outside..spoke to an old work colleague..ate pineapple (not a whole one!)..watched sparrows in a tree..did some drawing..came home.

At least my friend Kath was able to help pass the time during the afternoon.I used to work with Kath in two of my previous social work jobs..she was my boss..but now she works for me!..not that I pay anything..well nothing..but I am very gratefull...and she is brilliant at talking to people..and brings pineapple to eat..

I hope it's better tommorow..more people will visit ..maybe someone will buy something..will have salmon sandwiches and lots of fruit..goodbye.


Ps said...

Nice to have friends who help you through whatever has to be done.
Keep us posted.

Bob-kat said...

Hope you have better luck on the next day! It doesn't sound all bad though - a friend to help pass the time and pineapple. Must say I grinned at the thought of you tucking inot a whole pineapple! :-D

Rayne said...

I hope your day goes absolutely fantabulous! This sounds like so much fun. I think you are very brave to put your work out there. Then again, if I was as talented as you I would probably very brave too.