Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Corn 7

I'm beginning to develop a little more depth by adding darker shades over to the left. Sadly there will be quite a large amount of dark stuff on the left side of the picture..but it will all balance out. by the way..does anyone know why it's called 'Corn'?

Country music references keep popping up (am I going mad?). I remember a famous female comedian once saying how Country music was so depressing.. whenever she plays a Country record..she plays it backwards..that way the singer comes back to life..his dog comes back, he gets his job back,his house back,his woman back and he gives up drinking!..a happy begining!


Devil Mood said...

I should tell you that I had an hilarious time listening to country music and attempting line-dancing this afternoon. It was so funny and my friend taped it.
Corn? Because people keep popping up like pop-corn, out of nowhere!

Ok, I'm going to do the meme now :)

Niall said...

Don't tell me your 'Youtube' bound!?....I may have to organise a boycot!!!

Good answer but no!

Ps said...

In Hindi "kaun" means 'who'.Its pronounced 'kon'.Therefore what comes to my mind is "kaun?" not corn.
Dont know the answer why.Maybe because lots of people like corn in the fields?

Devil Mood said...

God no, I would never, never, never put anything like that on youtube or any place else. It's safely stored!

Niall said...

Preeti..actually that's quite a good answer..but not the right one

DM...You do realise you 'friend' now has blackmail material!?

Devil Mood said...

No, no, it was my camera ;)