Friday, March 09, 2007

Corn 9

I seem to be unable to apply myself today..went into town this morning with Jan to look for something to wear for our friend's 45Th Birthday party tomorrow night. I didn't find anything I liked. I 'm on a bit of a downward spiral at the moment..I've had a cold for a couple of days and have felt rough..but have pressed ahead with my picture..I'm working on the figures to the right slowly filling in the should see some very bright colours in there soon as there is a newspaper kiosk in amongst the crowd (bright red!).
Incidentally..Thank you to all of you who post makes me enjoy the creative process so much more as it's almost interactive. I have some close friends who view my site but don't ever make comments!.come on guys..I'd love to hear from you..get involved !!!!!


Devil Mood said...

It's harder for the non-bloggers to comment, they lack the comment-muscle ;)
It's easier for us. Type and send, type and send. The picture is in good health, hope yours stablizes (I cant write this word!) too.
Enjoy the party! Save me a slice of cake ;)

Tim Young said...

I feel the same but to comment or not to comment is there right. Thefact that they you know there are viewing you site should encourae you. If you know they are not looking at it, then thats a different story

Al said...

I can see the complexity and richness of working on pictures of people, and can admire it for your technical skill, eye and detail. But it is not ringing my bell like Ryky Rec did. I guess i am not in a people appreciation sort of place right now. I seem to crave the beauty of nature and the still empty places i am struggling to find in reality. I love the photo of the tree and the light and the green. Rich, still, verdent, peaceful... Hmmmnnnnn. I love your work - such variety.

Thank you for sharing it.

Niall said...

DM..I agree,for us it's just what we do..By the way..there was no cake!..but there were oysters!

Tim..Yes,it is up to the individual..but the level of encouragement and boost to ones desire to press on far outweighs the effort needed to comment.

Al..Stick with it Al..there's along way for me to go with this one..I think you'll warm to it eventually..your bell might yet tinkle!