Monday, March 05, 2007

Corn 5

Well...after that light hearted interlude..back to the serious stuff!I've worked on the shirt of the man to the right and the girls face behind the lady with sunglasses. As more figures are added, the definition becomes less exact. This is the quality I like at the moment.

Incidentally, I was none to kind to refer to going to see Jan's TV premier as 'Dull'..after I read it,I thought how I'd feel if I'd read it of one of my exhibitions. I am INCREDIBLY proud of what Jan has achieved after coming out of a secure well paid job to follow her dreams..I did enjoy the show and thought Jan was wonderful in it!

By the way..the photo in the previous post is of Spike Milligan (not me)..ex-goon, poet, comedian and deceased.


Devil Mood said...

Hey, more people! They jump up like mushrooms (to us, anyway, as I'm sure they take a lot longer to show up to you!)

Ps said...

What do you mean 'light hearted interlude'?That was soul searchhing deep stuff ;-)
Laughed when I read your slightly apologetic post.I know you didnt mean it to be funny--but you know me--I laugh at everything--including myself.

Niall said...

devil:..there'll be more popping up..mabe one will be a 'Fun Guy!'

PS..I think you can either 'do' a meme in a minute or you need to think about it for hours..I did it in a minute

Ps said...

Niall--so did I!!

Tim Young said...

HI Niall pic is getting better and better.