Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Corn 6

I am a frustrated man at the end of this day. Do you ever get those days when it seems that things conspire to thwart you attempts to do anything?..of course you do...we all do!For me I had 'Taxi Driver ' stamped on my forehead throughout the day..Jan to station for 8:50 this morning..Annie to school 9:00..(boys on 'Inset' day off)..so Will to post office..then to his friend's house 10:30..couple of hours drawing..boys in and out via town/friends/with friends/being called on by friends/..pick Annie up from school..visit newly opened playground..home to make tea..more friends of boys...serve tea..fetch Will from friend's house..pick up Jan from station 8pm..get home..sit down to write this!


Devil Mood said...

It's tough being the man of the house. Hope you get a less busy day today. Corn needs you!

Niall said...

Why am I hearing in my head "sometimes it's hard to be a woman...duh duhduh duh duh duh"?Curses Country music!!

Ps said...

Yet you managed to write a post!Lately I'm not able to post everyday.but i'm glad you do!