Saturday, March 24, 2007

Corn 17 - Exhibitions end

The week came to an end with a flurry of visitors. Today I have probably had in excess of 500 people through the exhibition.Some were actually prepared to buy!The result was that we have managed to break even on the costs plus a little more!I was so worried that we would make a loss that I'm contemplating doing a few cartwheels later!So I'll write the next post from my hospital bed no doubt! I was greatly honoured to have an old friend Alison visit with her husband Mark and two children Freya and Josh. Making the journey down from York it was wonderful to see AL again.I was also visited by many other friends,Allan,Sheridan Honor,Brigid and others made what was an exhausting day very special.
I do however need to say a very special thank you to Kath (pictured here with me) who has given heaps of her own time to help and support me with this and past exhibitions. I'm sure you don't really know Kath the extent of what it means to have such a fantastic,warm,gorgeous,giving,sharing and friendly individual there with me. I know you'll hate this photograph (and I must admit it doesn't do you justice)..but I just wanted all my friends out there in BlogLand to know you were there!


Devil Mood said...

Wow - "prepared to buy" sounds really promising!
Hi Kath! :)

Al said...

A truly special day Niall and a privilidge to see so much of your beautiful work exhibited in such grand surroundings. We dont get to Derby often these days - if involves such an effort - but it was so worth it! I will remember today for a long time. THnak you and Matilda for making it so special and lovely to meet Katherine and Sheriden and Allan and Honour - . Tired out now, well past bed time and clocks spring ing forward aswell! must get some sleep - warm and happy feelings of the beauty of friends and happiness of being alive.
Good night - rest well.

Ps said...

Really nice that so many viewed your work.
Great news that you more than broke even.
Post a video of your cartwheels--please :-)(just kidding)

Niall said...

DM..woo hoo!I sold lots actually!!!!!!

Al: It was a special time made all the more special by your being there!

PS: Would post video of cartwheels but i'm informed that Google's server would crash with the you'll have to use your imagination!