Thursday, March 08, 2007

Corn 8

I thought I'd post at this time of the day because a chance to get on the computer will be rare later on..Jan is still working strange hours..and won't be back until later tonight. I also have to go to my eldest son's parents evening..the card says my appointments with his teachers are spread out over half an should add at least an hour on top of that!!
Work on the picture has reached the intense stage where concentration is need to keep track of which area I'm working on. There are so many small areas now without recognisable shape...but to work for an hour or so and then stand back is very satisfying as the shapes mingle and you see a person!
I've now worked out after all this time, how to make the image really big when you click on it..the definition is not good, so you can't see each individual dot..but it gives you a better idea of the smaller areas of colour that go to make up the image!


Ps said...

Enlarged it.Wow!!!

Devil Mood said...

All I can say is's insane!

Sue said...

This reminds me of the boardwalk at the New Jersey shore in the summer, with all the vacationers strolling around. I have been wondering about the corn for ages now. I can't imagine a huge stalk of corn towering over the scene...

Niall said...

DM..It's only insane because I am!

Sue..You are closer than you think..but no


Tim Young said...

People glancing,
looking waiting,
frozen in time and space
at the whim of the artist.
What thoughts are frozen
in their minds.
That we will never know.
You the watcher
will have to make sence
to see each dot
as a whole, a picture
but their thoughts are now
your thoughts
as you fill in space
where their frozen thoughts
should be

Niall said...

Tim..thank you so much for the poem..I love crowds and the apparent contradiction of anonymity and intimacy.