Thursday, April 05, 2007


I took this photo walking along the city wall giving a fine view of the Minster.

Here's me posing proudly with my favourite locomotive; the mighty English Electric 'Deltic' I'm inside the main exhibition hall of the National Railway Museum.The largest railway museum in the world!
Housed in the exhibition are examples of railway history from all around the world..above is an example of the 'Bullet Train' donated by the Japanese railway to stand as an example of the futuristic and technological advanced design from 1965!!

The streets of York are in this area of the city among some of the oldest buildings in the country. Here you can see 'The Shambles'

This building appears to 'sag' under the weight of time.
It was a wonderful day with our friends.We met up with Alison,Joshua and Freya at a 'Park and ride'..then met Ali's husband Mark in the city who'd kindly taken the afternoon off to join us. We walked round the Railway Museum,then along the city walls,and streets. We then all went back to Ali's house for tea. Leaving at 9:40 for the 110 mile journey home we felt happy and longing to go back!!
I'll be posting up to date progress on 'Corn' tomorrow!


Ps said...

Loved the last two photos.Especially the last one.The play of shadows does make it look like it is sagging.
Satish went to York too, when he was in U.K recently.
Would love to visit someday.
glad you had a good time.

Rayne said...

Oh! I am so jealous. I so want to be there. Fantastic photos. I like the little yellow train the best. (I've forgotten what it's called already.)

Devil Mood said...

Curious architecture there! I like that house that looks like a layered cake :)

Al said...

ps - i am very privilidged to live in such a beautiful city. Strange though how much you take beauty for granted until you share it with others. Then it suddenly seems to come alive.

If you are ever here in the UK - come and see me! it would be great to show you around!.

Niall: thanks for posting the photo's! i was so busy being tour guide that i didnt take any for us to remember the day with! It was a brilliant day - we were so lucky with the weather!

Sue said...

Great photos, great scenery -- my neighborhood isn't pretty at all. I take the camera out meaning to post photos and come up with nothing worth seeing.