Monday, April 02, 2007

Corn 25 - Up the tower

Well, as you can see the main centre piece of the picture is revealed!It's the tower of Derby Cathedral..a wonderful building which dominates the city skyline.There are many 'Classic' views of the tower from different parts of the city,I chose this one mainly because it showed an ordinary day in the city last year...and is the reason the picture is called 'Corn' see the area I was standing in to take the picture is called 'The Corn Market' and at one time was just that!I've included a couple of links for those of you interested in the Cathedral and the city history.Please take a few minutes to see where it is I live!

Having sketched in the tower, I can see the end approaching!..lots more work yet to do but I think it's like running a race..all of a sudden you get you 'second wind'.

Below is a special link to a blog featuring a pair of nesting Peregrine Falcons who have made their home on the tower at the Cathedral quickly establishing themselves as celebrities!


Devil Mood said...

Finally, the mystery of Corn is revealed!
The cathedral looks very english. Meaning strong and elegant. I found it a little strange that it was decorated with Stars of David...??

Niall said...

Yes..very strange!..I will try to find out!

Bob-kat said...

I wondereed why the pictures was called 'Corn' :-) Most towns had a corn exchange adn it's great that the history of something is passed down in it's name.

I love how the picture is coming along.

Ps said...

This sounds like the solution to a laterla thinking question that I usually have in my workshops.Now, how were we supposed to guess that!!
Good one nevertheless--learnt something new--and i always ike that!