Sunday, April 15, 2007

Exhibition day 7

Progressed well with 'Corn' today..maybe it looks close to finish but I can tell you there is lots more to do. Having put down a basic layer of blue for the sky there needs to be a layer of red and green dots placed in between the blue ones..these graded towards the horizon gradually introducing yellow ochre.Have completed 14o hours worth now..
Here's yours truly hard at work!

The sun made the park seem bursting with life this scene with one almost in the same spot a couple of days ago. Of interest here (but very small in the picture) is the Boar..a bronze statue on a plinth. If you enlarge the photo you might see it just over the 'bird bath' thing in the centre of the pic. I must try to remember to take some closeup photos of the Boar tomorrow

Here's the 'Black Walnut' again (to the right of the lamp post)

Two Holly trees directly outside the gallery.


Ps said...

Satish had clicked many pictures like the fourth one on his recent trip there.I find it very beautiful to see the bare trees with intricate branches.
You are looking nice and 'not stressed' :-)
A question--if you have enabled coment moderation, why turn on word verification as well?

Devil Mood said...

Lovely garden and I hear it's been really warm over there.
Today it's really hot here, I can't even be in the sun.
It's great to see you next to the painting, to get a sense of proportion and, again, to realize how CRAZY your work is. And crazy in the best possible way!