Sunday, May 06, 2007

Yes it really was him!


I thought I'd post this video which was shown as part of the BBC's 'Comic Relief' night which raises money for charities at home and abroad. The night in March this year raised around 63 million pounds. This video shows Prime Minister Tony Blair in a sketch with Katherine Tate playing her most famous comedy character Lauren Cooper.


Devil Mood said...

That was SO GOOD!
I couldn't believe it when he said "Am I bothered?" hahahaha! And she couldn't either.
I think it's great that he participated in this. It's hard to imagine anything similar happening over here.
On other notes, I've seen the Trial of Tony Blair film last week - have you seen it? (It was surprising to see on television, since the film is really recent). It was scary, from Blair's point of view. And when they said that Bush has been found with an overdose in his ranch...I couldn't help but laugh. Oh and I love that actor, Robert Lindsay, I think, he cracks me up!

Al said...

Hi Niall, the kids and i just laughing out loud at this! It is brilliant!

Niall said...

I thought it was especially pertinent as this week Tony Blair will announce when he is to step down from his post.He has announced that he will no longer serve as an MP either.

Devil Mood said...

Yes, that's true. And his resignation was also portraied in the film, so it was a little creepy that a couple of says later he resigned (even though it was expected).