Monday, May 07, 2007

Street 5

I honestly haven't spent my Bank Holiday doing this..I did do some yesterday but decided to post the 'Blair' video instead.So having an hour to use this afternoon I did this whilst watching the final of the World Championship Snooker.( do I maintain this level of all out excitement?)..Jan and Annie had popped out to buy some stuff for school, Will is out with his friend Reece and Sam has gone to Oxford to a concert. So a quiet evening will be ours.


Bob-kat said...

That street pic is coming along and looking great. I just looked back at the previous posts to see it evolving and I loved the close up of the clock.

Hope you enjoyed your quiet evening and thanks for the invitation for tea if I'm ever 'up' in Derbyshire. I might just hold you to it if I head north!