Thursday, May 10, 2007

Street 8

I've actually done slightly more than you see here's now 9pm and I've just done a couple more hours. I'm very pleased with the section of crowd over to the left in the shadows.In fact the whole area with the shop signs has turned out well. I only wish this was on a much larger scale!!Still, it's little things like this that plant the seed of an idea for future projects. I've found my eye drawn towards crowds on more than one occasion..I need to explore further the wonderful tones of the shadows, the anonymity of the faces and the forms of the buildings.

I've spent most of the day with neck unfortunate side effect of my work..I can see it becoming more of a problem in later life..will have to look at the way I sit and work..consider alternative seating. I feel as if I am living in a bubble at the seems to consist of fitting everything else around my drawing. this is what I have dreamt of..but there is so much more to consider. I am so guilty of disappearing off into my room to head being full of the next colour to apply and the the next idea..the next thing to do..

It would be wonderful to just walk away from it all and disappear over a hill..find a beach somewhere and lie looking at the sky. But I know it will never happen..this my calling, and this is my is my joy, my job and my is me.


Devil Mood said...

Considering that this is your work, you should invest in the best sitting and drawing furniture. And perhaps a massaging chair ;) Well, everyone should invest in those!

Niall said...

oooo! now that is an idea!! you have one?..perhaps one day when I'm rich!

Ps said...

So well said, Niall.All of us have a cross to bear. Your curse is a joy for many others.(sounds profound--but I think you know whatI'm trying to say)

Pic is amazing as usual.

Niall said...

PS:..I'm so glad that you have made this comment..there are few who would agree that it is a burden of sorts ..I guess that's what marks a 'vocation' apart from an 'occupation'?

Devil Mood said...

No, I don't have one but a jacuzzi would be nice too. I need something like that!