Saturday, May 05, 2007

Street 4

Have been working on the traffic lights and the window far left..not spent a lot of time today on this..I've had a headache which is still with me despite painkillers..I took a walk into town and bought a re-mastered Genesis album ( And then there were three). I've been reading about a British Abstract painter Gillian Ayres..still painting at the age of 76, her work is innovative, vibrant, challenging and basically wonderful.

Probably a style I once would have ignored..Gillian's work resonates deeply with something basic and yet emotionally to me is like looking at the visual representation of a feeling or thought....don't believe me?..check out the link.


Al said...

I love the way the colours resonate in different blocks and the fact that i can imagine it in real life too> It has a really alive quality to it.

So glad that you are enjoying it again Niall.

Dont work too hard - it is a bank holiday you know!!

Niall said...

Thank you Al!!!!!I too am really enjoying this..I think the colours are actually the best representation I've managed so far. The resolution of the pic doesn't show it too well..but hopefully you'll see it in the flesh before too long.

Al said...

yup, i look forward to it!