Friday, May 11, 2007

Street 9 - close up view

Here's a little section of the picture I mentioned yesterday. I love the way the blues and red play in contrast to the yellow Taxi and figures in the sunlight.Today Jan and I went to visit Claire who is the manager of the Tourist Information Centre in Derby. I first met Claire last year when she called in to see my exhibition at the Guildhall. Claire suggested that if I produced images of Derby, she might be able to stock a selection for sale in the shop. So today she was able to view some of my recent work. The pictures of Derby are a direct result of her suggestion and have represented some of the more obvious advances in my technique..So thank you Claire!. I have therefore been invited to supply mounted and wrapped examples of my work for sale. This is a wonderful opportunity to see my work for sale in a prestigious environment and hopefully take yet another step towards being able to earn a living from my work.
Take a look at the link to see the Tourist Information Centre in Derby :


Devil Mood said...

wow, it's great! It makes such a difference when you meet the right people at the right time :=)