Thursday, May 24, 2007

Street 20 - Thursday 24th

The last phase of the picture is under way. He is watching..but who/what?..I like the fact that the red of his shirt sets off the green also echos the red in the Kentucky Fried Chicken banner and the red in the carrier bags.

Today I am a little more positive about myself. I've also done something that I've never done before!..I've had one of my teeth crowned. I asked my children if it means I now owe the Tooth Fairy money because I've had 3/4 of a tooth's odd, but driving back from the dentist's, I had a big grin on my's as if I've cheated the natural order of things..the 3rd law of thermodynamics...something that has decayed has been renewed.

'The History Of Love' is deepening it's hold on me..such beauty ...


Devil Mood said...

this picture is simply amazing! the details in the bags are unbelievable!
I'm glad you're pleased!