Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ball Of Wool - 4

Today has not been a day of intense work. Rather intense thought. It's what the picture is about..unraveling the things that tie us in knots, that wrap themselves around our ankles causing us to stumble and fall.That bind our hands and prevent us from reaching out, from bringing comfort , help , work and building.

The wool is red to symbolise life, blood..the fabric of our reality.


Jonice said...

Wow, Niall! It's more than amazing to see the levels of realism you're able to attain picturing a facial expression. The brightness that springs from the eyes, for instance, looks so very true. And also the lips and the light on the cheeks... I mean, it really feels like looking at a face, rather than a face's photo.

I love what you wrote down there on the Ball of Wool-2 post. About inspiration and flying and perspiration!

I watched the beautiful tragic love movie Betty Blue before my son's birth (he's 15) and the whole film replayed in my mind now that you've mentioned it!

Wish you have a nice week :)

Niall said...

Jonice..One thing that i CAN do is alter any defects/shortcomings from the original photo..add more luminosoty and basically do what I want with the image.
Betty Blue is a beautiful movie..I've been listening to the soundtrack for a few days now.How come I've only discovered it? was ade in 1986!!

Devil Mood said...

I believe that those days may be the most important of all. I have such moments in writing creation as well and they're essential: "how am I going to make this and that happen? I don't know!"
Then I have to think.

Aprameya said...

Fantastic realism. I have stopped wondering how you do it. Great job...


Julie Schuler said...

I think it's fascinating, the wool. Strings and bindings are so psychologically stimulating. I talked with the most fascinating scholar of historical anatomical texts at my zombie convention. She spoke briefly about the hanging execution of women, and how it was very sexualized and beautiful and arrayed. Hanged women had special gowns made for the occassion, and their hands were tied with black silken cords, what a spectacle! Piteous, beautiful, helpless, condemned. I'm nearly swooning as I type this!

Niall said...

DM..Yes you are right.There has to be some osrt of sense to what I do..this is THE most sensible and yet abstract thing I've done metaphorically!
Vijay..I pray you'll not stop visiting!

Julie..Me too..This is so so dark..