Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nelson's 8

Once again I've only managed a limited amount of time working on this today. The main reason being that I wanted to do some preparation for my Art Club at school. I'm helping the children to create two large boards depicting 'day and night'..I'll post photos next week when we've got something more substantial to show you.

It's been good reading your comments regarding 'The Crack' (see last post)...I'm always up for the 'So what is Art anyway' debates...some find my views surprising. But generally I define art as something that is created and visually and physically leads to a change in ones concepts or state of mind/being...either positively or negatively, you are different because of the 'Art work'. In the case of the 'Crack' cannot fail to physically ignore it as you cannot walk over it without spraining your have to alter your course... it's huge, running the length of the main 'Turbine' hall at Tate Modern. The artist tells us it represents the divisions exist between the 'Western World' and the 'Third World'..inside the Crack can be seen wire fencing that makes up the integrity of the crack. The divisions in our society are man made..many dismiss them and even ignor them, because they're put away in a place that means we don't have to confront them.......Maybe we should listen to the voice of the 'Artist' this light , the work is a mirror to our world asking..there is a crack..what are you going to do about it?

Like it or challenges your view of 'What is Art' Tracy Emin's 'Unmade Bed'..Damon Hirst's 'Dissected Cow' are lead to a point of decision..the decision is yours to make alone...


Devil Mood said...

Well, when you put it like's hard to ignore that crack on the floor.
I think my views on art are rather traditional, but I don't mind that. lol