Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nelson's details

I guess for you the reader, this will be a bit of a shock to actually see the scale to which I'm working. what you see represented here is the result of just over a weeks work. The density of the dots and their accuracy of placement means progress is fairly slow. The open areas that you see me working on here are relatively quick.
You see me adding the light blue to this section. Initially I placed a layer of Leaf Green, then Blue, then Scarlet..filling in the small spaces of paper between the dots with this light blue. I will then add further texture when the area is complete. The gaps between the paving slabs also needs attention, again this will be done towards the end. The pigeons are a mixture of the colours I used for the paving but with greater density.
The question I get asked by visitors to my exhibition the most is: "I bet you have a lot of patience?"...what do you think my answer is?


Ps said...

Missed seeing your blog.Good to be back.yes--i remember you clicking this particular photo--do you remember what I told you then? :-)

I'm guessing you tell the visitors so politely and in that Niallish way that yes--you do have patience!

Jonice said...

I think you have tons, no, oceans of patience, Niall! It's truely amazing that you paint on those tiny details on a picture this scale.

Devil Mood said...

People tend to ask the same things over and over again. They probably asked Michaelangelo if he wasn't afraid of heights ;) bad joke.

Maybe it's the way the camera is facing he picture but it looks more clear this way, more nitid (is this an english word?)

Nessa said...

While their comments may be obvious, at least they are interested and looking.

Ps said...

You didnt tell us what your answer usually is.

Bob-kat said...

Patience is a funny concept isn't it? I assume that you enjoy what you do so that patience isn't the main issue for you as such. Whereas, if someone else was to do the same thing who didn't enjoy art, or making dots, then their patience threshold would be so much lower (pehaps before the first 5 mins!).

I suspect, like everyone lese that your patience levels fluctuate with your mood adn with your enthusiasm for the piece, or area of the picture you are doing at the time. I get the impression that the paving is requiring a bit more patience :)

I do like seeing these candid shots of you 'in action'.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

I tried adding color to one of my pointillisms a few years ago. It is very difficult; to most it seems that it would be simply dabbing in a new color; but that does not work at all - it is the combination of the dots that make the color; so you certainly have my admiration.
what kind of technical pen is that? i always used rapidographs but this looks like something different?

Niall said...

PS..I think it was just prior to me being divebombed by an angry flock of man eating pigeons...I think you said " For goodness sake Niall..don't go near the pigeons!"..ut seriously, I can't remeber what you said...please tell?!

Jonice..Yes I do have lots of patience...but not as much as you'd think.Whilst I'm working , it is not realy a matter of patience but of distraction..I listen to lots of music/Radio/TV

DM..Nitid is not a word I'm familiar with.But does look clearer. Micheal Angelo would have had those questions no!

Nessa..yes, I tend to be able to hear each question as if it's for the first time..the questioner needs to feel that their question is answered in a proper way..Sometimes I can see people are hesitant to ask ..mainly because they understand that I've been talking all day about the same things..but I strive to treat all the same.

PS..My answer is always that I do have lots of least for this other areas I have very little patience..just ask my kids!

BK..Absolutely!! I was discussing this with Devilmood regarding dedication and what happens when the initial inspiration wears off.A day can go by when I'm deeply engrossed in something..on other occaisions it's all I can do to put pen to paper.But you are very right about the paved area..In years go by I used to do lots of sky..sometimes a whole week could be just blue!!

Ascender..I guess unlike yourself..I've been 'dotting' for over 25 years and have developed the's only a matter of trying things out to see what works.

The Pens are made by Rotring ..they are 'Isographs'..Google 'Rotring' and you will be able to order online.

Vidya said...


I guess you just love what you do so much that patience comes automatically to you and to your art!!

My two cents! :D


Ps said...

No--that wasnt what I said.I said "you do have a great eye for pictures" :-)Because--all of us were so absorbed in soaking in th whole place and there you were clicking away something,noticing the way the light fell, or a particular scene which none of us had paid attention to.

VJ said...

This photo takes the cake - your eye for detail and patience....

Now I am getting more vivid picture how painstaking your pictures ate...Amazing!

Niall said...

Vidya.. You are quite correct..
PS..Yes, I remember is true to say that I am often looking at scenes woth an 'artists' eye..If I'm with someone whom I'm talking to, I have to conciously avoid looking around because aslthough I hear what the are saying, I appear really ignorant.

VJ..Having comments like thatmakes it all the more worthwhile!