Sunday, October 07, 2007

Nelsons 3

This is what i love about the style I work with...I love way ones eye constructs the picture out of these rather indistinct shapes...To my eyes, this little group could be a whole picture on their own..but as you will see..they form only a small section in the background!

The day for me started with a blinding headache...mainly due to the nice little bottle of Merlot I spent the hours around midnight seducing!..(goodness knows what my body will do when it is subject to Absinthe!) a slow start.Jan had a pupil arrive for a piano lesson before lunch, then after we'd eaten, I was able to get some work done whilst watching South Africa just beat Fiji in the Rugby World Cup match. Jan took the kids out to a local park leaving me with an hour or so of quiet.

Tomorrow, Annie will be back at school..I have no other commitments aside from spending as much time drawing as I come back then and see what I've managed to achieve!


Devil Mood said...

That was a significant advance already.
Jan teaches piano too? Oh, I'm really impressed with you too. I imagine a couple with such artistic skills would produce artistic children :) and they would say to their friends 'oh, my parents are artists' hehe
Well done to England for beating Australia yesterday!

Ps said...

I like the way you reveal only that part of the picture that you want us to see.:-)

Niall said... would appear so, but is only very small...I'll do a photo showing scale at some point!

Jan has grade 8 in piano and is actually very good...she has around 6 pupils who call at varying times during the week.

The children are all creative in various ways..I encourage creativity in all things except the truth and accountancy!

PS..Thank's something I started doing with the Cathedral picture...I suppose it's a bit like a developing friendship where you are getting to know someone..

VJ said...

another lesson I wish I will learn from you ..."post on ur blog" daily!
If i could do one thing like that I think most days would be better....

I am amazed at your self motivation...having left the Corporate job 3 years ago...I struggle to be focused.....
so I keep feeling at the end of the day nothing got done!

Ps said...

Niall--A bit like you! That comment was supposed to be tongue in cheek!;-)

Bob-kat said...

This small group could certainly be a subject all on their own - there is so much going on! I love the lamost 'grainy' feel to this at the scale - it reminds me of newspaper print and so to me looks very candid :)

Niall said...

VJ..I supose I thrive on routine in this work is so intense that (as you've seen) I can miss a whole day if I don't get a decent start and get into the 'groove'

PS :-)
BK...Candid, yes. I like that aspect of my pictures. Without lapsing into whimsy, I find 'people'beautiful, interesting and inspiring...and never more so than in the 'anonymity' of a crowd.