Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nelson's 11

With a title like the one this post goes under, you'd expect me to mention George Clooney and Brad pit..well I'm not!..........Doh!

Spent my time today working on stone..behind the girl and the arm rest thingy. But took time out to go and visit a community based training and resource centre nearby. You may have read about the fire Annie discovered in our neighbours house a week ago. Well a few days ago Hedia called over to see Annie and thank her for her heroic act and gave her a present . It was the first real time we have met and spoken. Hedia, her husband and children moved to Derby from Tunisia about 18 months ago, and now Hedia works for an organisation called 'Sure Start'. I was invited to visit the centre as there might be an opportunity for me to help run an art group for Dads.

I was incredibly surprised at what I found.Despite the centre only being 10 minutes walk away, I'd never been in. I met Hedia and other members of staff there, they were wonderfully welcoming and said they'd be honoured to have me work with them..I said that it was MY HONOUR to work with on that basis we should all be satisfied!!. Derby being a very multicultural city has recently received a large influx of immigrants from central Europe..also asylum seekers. Many many countries are represented in the local area and Sure start is in a perfect position to give help and support to families. I am particularly interested in the untapped creativity there and finding ways to help adults explore ways of expressing themselves .

I know the power of making your own art..the sense of achievement and value one feels when ones work is appreciated. I know that working there could see lives touched by the Joy of art. ( that sounds so lame..but I mean it!!)


Bob-kat said...

No, it doesn't seem lame at all. Creating something is worthwhile in itself, but when it is appreciated by others it is so rewarding.

I used to draw adn paint a lot. My father is always trying to get me to start again. Unfortunately an art teacher once killed the joy in drawing for me by making it a chore. She always criticised my work in a very negative way and I just stopped drawing.

I am glad that someone like you can make it a joyful experience for these people :)

Niall said...

BK..I guess I just didn't want to sound too 'arty farty'...I am aware of the reality that art does bring revolution can lift and give expression and in doing so..identity. I'd like to be part of the redress for all those like yourself who were told "no you don't do it like that"..the majority of famous artists throughout history have I'm certain at one point or another been told that what they were doing was is a kind of says "you want it done that way?..well I'm doing it this you can &*$* off!"

Devil Mood said...

Wow, your post even got me distracted from thinking about George Clooney!

Talk about Serendipity!! Annie sees the fire - the woman thanks her - you meet a lovely organization and may even get some work there. wow, Derby must have something special about it!

Nessa said...

This sounds like a wonderful organization and opportunity for you.

Aprameya said...

That's a great picture. I am intrigued and amazed by the way you brought out the difference between the shadow and the sunlight. The effect of light is very nicely captured. Great work !!


Niall said...

DM...I am a firm believer in things working out for the good if you can 'see' the bigger picture. In all my 'stumblings' on jobs there has been a 'guiding hand' it seems!..( Goerge Clooney and I are the same age!)

Nessa..Oh yes!..I'm excited.

Vijay...Thank's the wonder of Yellow Ochre!