Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ball Of Wool - Attack of the Muse

Preliminary sketch ideas inspired by metaphore 'Ball Of Wool'
I like the 'Minipix' I drew a few weeks ago of the red landscape..I might incorporate it into the new piece.

Elderflower leaves in my garden this afternoon

Sometimes we need to be ready..sometimes we are totally unprepared for what is about to happen. I have always had the philosophy (but not always dared to follow my own...and regretted it! ) that you should follow your heart..in love and art.To disregard the consequences which have a way of working themselves out if you truly believe, and live so that you may lie down to die on your last day with no regrets. (that's why I'm doing what I'm doing instead of going back to Social Work!)

Stricken by the very vivid and moving metaphore given to me by Bobkat, I have changed tack and started work on a new project. 'Escalator' will keep..it was to be an exercise in intricacy and realism...this will be an act of the heart.

I'll elaborate as I develop this piece, but for now, perhaps you might like to imagine the Ball Of Wool as the tangled strands of our lives..


Devil Mood said...

Oh I'm glad!!

Julie Schuler said...

Intriguing! Commence to tangling at once!

Nessa said...

Can't wait to watch it unroll.

Niall said...

DM...I'm glad you're glad!

Julie..I'll start by getting knotted then at the end of the day...unwind!

Nessa...all things come to those who wait.

Bob-kat said...

It has really given me a boost that the muse has worked through me to energise you this way. Isn't it funny how this life thing works?

Prats said...

It sure does help a lot to follow the heart. Look what its brought for us....
waiting for this scene to flow now.. :)

Niall said...

BK..I am indebted to your sensitivity and visualisation!..

Prats.. For a thrill packed ride, you can't 'Beat' the Heart!