Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nelson's 5

Along with around 100,300 people, I went along to the opening of Derby's new 'Westfield' shopping arcade today...at over £35 m and 6 years in planning, the newest and most modern shopping centre in the country opened its doors to the public. It was a stunning piece of building boasting over 100 stores and over 1,000,000 sq ft of shopping. Bound to be a magnate for shoppers all over the country, the centre has put Derby firmly on the map for ways to spend what you haven't got

A report in the news today suggests that mental illness associated with debt is on the increase in the 'Midlands' here in England.Depression, anxiety and worse attempted and actual suicides are on the increase.

Walking amongst the glitter, celebrities and fanfare that accompanied today's new shopping era (error?) for Derby. I couldn't help but think:...The smiling faces..the bright lights..the dazzling displays..champagne on offer for free..baloons..dancers..bagels and coffee. That maybe the lie was true!..maybe I could buy myself health and happiness...maybe the plastic card I never use should be there to bring me success and acceptance.....surely?

But once out in the grey rain filled daylight,I sat in my car (recently valued at £20)..off on my way to convince a local cafe owner at a Derby park to sell my prints. I looked across at Jan, remembered my children and remembered that I have already the things so many dream of...I have my health and happiness, my security and home. ....the credit card?..unused and unwanted...nothing owing.....I am a rich man with no money!

Oh,also I did a bit of drawing.


Aprameya said...

Did you just say "champagne for free" ?. Kinda got stuck there and almost did not go past that sentence ;-))
Glad I did since the post had such a wonderful ending.
And I am looking forward to your finished work...


Niall said...

Vijay..It was only selected stores that were serving drinks..there were big queues !

Devil Mood said...

Shopping centers have a way of making me not want to buy anything at all! But sometimes even I am affected by that consummerism and that fever to buy things because they're so cheap!
Usually though, I prefer to buy the least I can.
Free champagne? wow!! lol