Monday, October 01, 2007

Field Of Tree - j3

I know it looks as if the horizon is sloping, but that is not he case it's my photographic technique which is lacking! I'm progressing well at the moment but the right eye ( as you look at it) is causing me some concern..otherwise things are going to plan here. I'm having to take a break from work just now to fetch Annie from school and also her friend who is coming home with us. Her Mum will pick her up later. Jan is off to act the part of a ghostly prostitute for a series of 'Ghost Walks' around Ilkeston , which is a town near to Derby. see:

So between making meals , getting children to do homework, bedtimes , showers etc..I might get chance to do some more work later!


Devil Mood said...

lol sounds like a fun part for Jan.
The daily tasks also prevent me from writing as much as I should.

What is the problem with the right eye?

Jonice said...

The moment I got to your blog and could see this top post I said to myself: how nice, Niall is painting his wife's picture. For I had seen her photo down there on the post about London. Only after that I scrolled down and to read everything in between these two posts. So, my dear, you've proved how well you can picture her, don't you think?
And you have my compliments on halting and starting again when you deem right to do it!

Bob-kat said...

Wow, this seems to be coming along very well. It seems from the perspective that the depth of the field is going to be very deep with your wife's portrait very much to the forground, just where it will be at it's deepest. Nice effect :)

VJ said...


First Thanks for listing my blog on ur site ..I feel real honored ..I am one of those lazy boring bloggers..started blogging
to have memories of this country I live in which was never part of my life's dreams or road map

coming to your art ...although you diligently post every stage of your master pieces...I am still curious to see you doing may be a 5 minute video in action .....not sure how it would be,,,I must be belonging to those who cant imagine enough with a picture,,,because I am yet to encapsulate the painstaling process of your art...really a few minutes of how you so it will be great!

Tys on Ice said...

jeez..u almost finished!!!...arent u fast?...its looking great...its really beautiful...