Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nelson's Girl

Starting with Scarlet I begin to fill in a base colour for the hair. It's important not to lay the colour on too deeply as that can be altered later .
Once I'm happy with the red, I start to add a mid blue over it 0increasing the density where the shadows are. The overall effect is a purple shade..this will change with the next layer of colour. Generally speaking for a colour/shade to look right, it needs three different colours. A base layer which is the overall colour, a complementary shade which provides depth and finally a contrasting shade which fills in the shadows.

It doesn't show up so well here, but I'm applying Yellow Ochre which is like adding sunlight...somehow whenever I use it, there is an immediate improvement.

By now I've started to add in other colours as I see fit..you might see green in there too..I then increase the amounts of each colour until they blend ...I might also add in some light blue which you see me filling in the wall behind the girl with. Hands are my least favourite thing to do...very difficult, it's very easy to make a hand look like a bunch of bananas!..Matt Groening who created 'The Simpsons' spoke about this once, and said that's why all his characters have only three fingers!!!But then he went and coloured them yellow..so they still look like bananas!


Devil Mood said...

But I'm loving the hands, the left one looks splendid, I can really imagine her talking on the phone.

Seeing this process is amazing - it looks magical how the hair turns from pinkish to brown. You really have to know a LOT about colour to do that.

Nessa said...

I love watching your process. Thanks.

Julie Schuler said...

I think it's great that you can account for all your colors like that, and the extent to which you can explain yourself! I get cranky right away when I have to explain things, I think it's my lack of confidence. Anyway, thanks for breaking it down into all the steps, fascinating!

Tys on Ice said...

how on earth did u do that?....i tried putting dots and creating a picture and my son said :

'TV , no?'

tht was the end of tht attempt...

iam just loving this creation...

Ps said...

Abundant talent and so much perseverance.The sunlight effect in almost all your pictures is amazing.

Bob-kat said...

I wonder what the girl was talking about?

I love the way you have taken us through the process of how you build up the colour. If you look closely this is true of everything we look at. I once told someone I though Starlings were pretty birds adn they told me they were drab. I said, 'next time, really look' There is purple and green and blue and gold in their feathers and they shine!

That is how your picture seems to me.

Niall said...

DM..you're too kind..It is the result of years of practise and experimentation.

Nessa..I'm really pleased you can join me to see it!..there's more to come!

Julie..Pointillism has always had a 'scientific' tag connected to its theory..colour theory plays a big part in what I do using complementary and contrasting colours to achieve the effects.Saying that, it's alittle like driving, once you've mastered the theory, you do it your own way!

Tys..AS I've said..it's just sheer bloody hard work..stickability, stuborness and commitment.(over 25 years to be precise!)

PS..Thank you..I love lightand the contrasts of shade.

Niall said...

BK..Starlings are indeed incredibly beautiful..irridescent I would call them..often they are viewed (probably due to their large numbers) as almost vermin.To see them flock before heading for the roost is otherworldly!