Monday, October 15, 2007

Nelson's 10 - Final figure - Blog Action Day's the answer..I was so taken by the young woman in the picture..she appears to be totally oblivious to all but the call she is receiving..the pigeons are looking at her..there is even a pigeon sitting right next to her on the bench and is also looking up at her. What are they thinking these feathered beggars?.."OI!..put that blinking phone down and throw us a bit of bread!"

You can see just the basic pencil outline and the start of a dark blue layer..pardon me for saying, but I'm loving working on this now..nearly finished!

Oh, by the way..the most poular question I get asked is "when you go to bed, do you see dots before your eyes?" closely followed by "I bet you suffer from repetitive strain injury?"

Sitting looking at the pigeons, I have wondered..what would Trafalgar Square be without them?..a little cleaner perhaps!..but everywhere you look there is life..where ever there is space, there is life..from the spider that runs across your sittingroom floor, to the herds of Wildebeast majestically sweeping across the Serangete?(Basil!)...tiny crustaceans teaming at the bottom of the sea, multicoloured parrote at the top of the trees.

Here in England, the trees are turnign gold and red as Autumn takes hold and prepares the path for winter. Today is Blog Action Day...highlighting the Environment and the thingsd you and I can do to ensure there is a planet for our offsprint to inherrit. Read all about it here... As I always tell the children in my artclass...LoOK before you do anything...see the life and world about you...this is your home..lookafter it!


Tys on Ice said...

going by the rapt attention of the pigeons, i wud say that she is on the phone with some seed company for a delivery...the cats looks at me the same way, whn iam on the phone with the supermkt for an order of cat food...

hey, i just put cats and pigeons in the same sentence without any violence involved!

Ps said...

But trafalagar square is so clean!!!I guess its just a matter of perspective!

Devil Mood said...

See how you've inserted pigeons even in the bench? That is art ;)

Ah Blog Action Day! Need to post about that.

Niall said... commentary is great!..Those cats have sure got you trained well!

PS...The pavements are clean, I think the roof tops might be a little less so!

DM...Do you think I could reinvent myself as a circus act:..El Niall'o the pigeon inserter!?

Julie Schuler said...

Is it just me, or does "pigeon inserter" sound vaguely dirty?

Niall said...

Julie..Even now I still depends on which variety of pigeon and origin..and then you've got to decide where to insert them!...Please contact Devilmood for a full explanation. Coo coo! Haha:-)