Saturday, September 06, 2008

I am not a man..I'm a number!...Orbits - 22

In between visitors i managed a couple of hours on my picture...I'm nearly half way finished!I really love demonstrating the technique to those visiting the exhibition...

Here's me..the proud but ever so slightly grumpy might recognise some of the pictures surrounding me...amongst the most popular during the day were 'Spirit' ..'L'inat'tendu'...'Ball Of Wool' and the 'Little Nemo' collection!(seen directly behind me in the above photo)

I told you I was a number!...Number 65 to be exact..There are aproximately 100 artists exhibiting over the weekend...venued in all sorts of places including private homes...pubs..churches..halls...shops etc...

The weather was terrible most of the day..standing outside my venue..I turned left and this is the thing that never fails to amaze me is the dramatic skies the peak district causes.

Here's a view of the eneven floor which just adds to the charm....make sure you keep your eyes open or you'll be falling for me!...But wil I catch you in time?

Here's where I sit and work...and the first thing visitors see when they arrive..hopefully I won't scare anyone off!
I've met some really good people was a pleasure to meet so many who had braced the elements and took time to visit. See you all tomorrow!


Devil Mood said...

make sure you keep your eyes open or you'll be falling for me!... hahahaah! I'm glad you didn't lose your sense of humour!

100! That is a lot of artists!
Amazing weather photo. It was more or less like that here yesterday but today was as sunny as it could be.

Ps said...

If I was living in UK I'd surely have been there.