Sunday, September 07, 2008

Orbits - 23 End of the exhibition....

I welcomed over 220 visitors to my exhibition today..thankfully the sun shone for a time and the trail was quite busy.I am amazed at the possitive comments everyone makes about my work..many don't realise (until I tell them!) that the work is all created manually and not on a PC...again the surreal and 'Little Nemo' drawings were the target for most praise.
The following photos were all taken by Jan..I'm wearing my 'Starman' hoodie and feel a little less 'normal' looking than yesterday. I like this picture...

I'm working on 'Orbits' during the day and demonstrating the process as I go along.

Jan has captured the atmosphere of the venue perfectly here..rustic and kind of magical...I kept expecting Gandalf to pop his head around the door to take me away to find some treasure!.....if only!
Finally..this is the view from where I have been sitting looking out over the hills of Derbyshire.They say " If you can't see the hills, it's raining...if you can see the hills...then it's about to rain"....I don't believe a word of it...for me it ended up being a wonderful and special time....made even better by the visitors who spared the time to chat and encourage me....if that's you...a big hug and kiss to you...if you want to see more...look me up on Facebook and lets be friends!
See you tomorrow.


rashbre said...

Great. Well done and the photos of the occasion look great too.

Devil Mood said...

What a difference a few rays of sun make!
I was going to ask you if that shirt was also made with dots ;) It looks very familiar.

Niall said...

Rashbre...thank you my friend!

DM...Yes..the sun brought good things..and I love starry things...this top is my favourite.