Sunday, September 21, 2008

Marx Brothers...

As a life long fan of the Marx Brothers movies..I thought it about time I posted a couple of clips. Since I'm recovering from my friend Jake's 40 th birthday party last night and I'm not intending to do any work today,so here are two clips....the first one features my favourite Marx..Harpo.A short and very well known visual joke.The second is a little longer, and features Groucho in particular...Their surrealist and anarchic comedy was a particular favourite of Salvador Dali (who famously painted a portrait of Harpo)..and even today in the world of CGI and the search for the solution to 'Uncanny Valley'...the wonderful cinematic bank vault that is the Marx Brothers will enrich our lives forever.


Julie Schuler said...

Marx Bros. Rock! You know I dig it.

Niall said...

I here's a Groucho quote:

Groucho:Well,medically,my experiences have been most unexciting,except during the flu epidemic.

Whitmore: Ah, and what happened?

Grouch: I got the flu.

MRS.Upjohn:Oh Doctor, I think it's time for my pill! told me to take them regularly.

Whitmore: Just a minute Mrs. Upjohn,that looks like a horse pill to me!

Groucho: Oh you've taken them before?

Mrs. Upjohn: Are you sure Doctor, you haven't made a mistake?

Groucho:You have nothing to worry about.The last patient I gave one of those to won the Kentucky Derby!