Friday, September 19, 2008

Orbits - 32 Maria's finger.

I'm pleased with the outcome of the i'm extending the clouds and lightning across the horizon. This morning I posted an email off to my friends on Facebook( look me up if you're on Facebook)..(I have a myspace page, but my computer crashes every time i log on to Myspace I very rarely go there.) and explained that my blog was not only a way to show off my work each day, but a way to see into the life of an artist. I'd shown my son a post by Maria in which she had written about her finger..a warning to the's not a pretty sight!I was wondering why she would want to post such an horrific picture. but to Maria, it's a very important fingers are important to me and if I had had to have an operation on them, I'd be unable to work.Maria must be in so much pain and discomfort..I totally understand her desire to share this with her readership..I understand her a little more because of it and in some way, it's a privilege to share someones pain..even if it is from a distance.

When I write that i'm having a terrible day..I've not had a holiday in over a year and I'm ready to pack up and head for the hills...I'm sharing my pain too...that you might understand me a little better...I think we bloggers are inclined to write only the good stuff not wanting to become drains on our readers time or feelings.But the truth is, we are all a mixture of good things and bad things..we each are somewhere on our journeys..sometimes in the sun..sometimes in the sharing where we are, we invite others to share where they are too, and to realise, it's OK to admit you're finding life hard, only than can we help each other.

Sermon over...I'm off to cook our evening meal, where's that bottle of wine?



Thank you so much Niall for the kind nod. I so do appreciate your comments and I agree. Fluff I can see on TV. I am looking for the pure joy AND struggle of life - for that is what I am enduring and learning most from. To post anything less is just not honest.

And, you'd be interested to know that I posted my grandmom's picture because I thought - enough already - no one wants to see your suffering. Even my Dad made a comment to that effect.

Interesting that you my distant friend, should focus on my pain. I have found thru my journey that we all share in that suffering and helping one another - or at least acknowledging each others pain (praying for each other/giving Reiki) is helping each other to heal. So, thank you, I appreciate it.

My pain is subsiding. The attention doesn't hurt : )

I'm curious to know what your son said.


Niall said...

Maria..My son Will (13) said something along the lines of: "Urrgghh!what's that Dad?" I explained that you had been operated on..he said "Oh" and that was that.