Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Orbits - 30 The silence is deafening.

Not a good day in all today...I've reached the stage where I need to commit the next figure into the composition.I've been working on sketches for a few weeks now but have been unable to create the face that I really wanted...I've wrestled with countless sketches today.Althrough my life i've had a particular fascination with a particular type of female face..it's never been a 'chocolate box' beauty, I actually prefer quirky intelligent unusual faces.I can trace the origins right back to around 1967 (when I was 6!!) and a particular TV show called Doctor Who. The female in question was played by actress Wendy Padbury...and was companion to the second Doctor played by Patrick Troughton..to my six year old sensibilities there was no erotic connection, just an aesthetic beauty. The character Zoe Herriot was from an alien planet..she was the female equivalent of Mr Spock...logical and intelligent...but she also screamed a lot as was the order for female supporting roles in those days.

There have been others, Gabriele Drake, Anne Diamond (yes you read that correctly!) Maria deMedieros to name a few who've had the same 'air'.So I decided that this is what i needed to aim for...however, I purposefully decided NOT to use the faces of these people , but draw my own interpretation...I've finally arrived at an acceptable version, but below you can see some of the reference I've used today for the overall style especially her hair....iconic silent movie actress' Louise Brookes, and Lilian Gish have helped. Tonight I hope to finalise the figure and transfer the sketch to the main drawing....I guess this is what could be called the make or break critical phase!...more tomorrow.


Claudine said...

Hi Niall, a small word to say hello to you, things are nog so well lately, I'm very sick from the chemo and am living on my little island. Will come back later with more positive news I hope! keep fighting against the art monsters as lonelyness and so on ..

the woman is nice and is as from the twenties

succes my friend!