Thursday, September 04, 2008

Orbits - 21

There's a very cold atmosphere coming from this's a rather dreary composition i know..but bear with me..although i have a plan which I'm working to with regards to the rest of the picture..I am working by instinct..with the various eclectic objects with in the picture, i have not considered for one minute that they do not belong together..there is a necessity to what i am doing..I feel driven even if the result is uneven and unfathomable...I hope that by the end the effort will yield that which I strive for: That which induces wonder, puzzlement and a desire to know more.


rashbre said...

Enjoying the evolution. Wonderment more than coldness. Something to do with the daisies and the bumbly that prevent it being chill, although there's some kind of elemental force in those low crackling clouds.