Thursday, September 11, 2008

Orbits - 27. Happy 2nd birthday!

Dancing For Beginners is happy to announce it is two years old today!

It's hard to believe that it's now two years since I started writing this can time go so quickly?I actually remember sitting down in this exact same seat I'm in now and thinking.."what shall I call my blog?"..after all, there are so many out can mine stand out from the crowd? This was a misleading thought is the content an d presentation that gains a readership.....a 'readership' that what i wanted?..did I want hundreds of fans logging on to hear my words of wisdom and humour as i reveal the truths of the universe?...did I want to be a modern day guru?...or was it merely a way to electronicify my daily diary?.....well for a start that didn't work because I still put pen to paper every night to record my thoughts and the days events...secondly I found that because one publishes a doesn't mean anyone will read it! and thirdly..I don't have any answers or wise thoughts...the universe continues to elude me and perplex me.

Any of you who has learnt to dance can the beginning the steps have to be studied..often in the presence of a (hopefully) competent teacher. You try out the steps..maybe to some music...and low and fall over ..your skills resemble Bambi on ice after too much whiskey on ice! But it gets easier...then there is more to learn...and so on. I think of life in the same way...the more we learn..the more there is to learn and therefore we are all always beginners.
It quickly became obvious to me that since I was an artist..I had a window through which I could share my work with my readers..who then asked about my technique...I there hit upon the idea of presenting a day-to-day update of the progress on my current piece of art. This has proved to be popular and has even influenced others to do the same which is great!
I couldn't end this post without mentioning probably THE most important benefits of's you the reader...!!! I have made some incredibly deep and important friendships.Without resorting to embarrassing speeches ..I thank you...
But a special big love goes out to some pretty special people, with out whom i would have given up a long time ago: Preeti,Devilmood,Julie,Bobkat and Tysonice.


Julie Schuler said...

Happy terrible twos to you!
I'm glad you enjoyed the Flaming Lips.

Ps said...

I am so happy you started 'dancing for beginners' for it was only because of that we met.Who knew all that when we first started blogging!We have come a long way my friend.And my life is richer because of you.

Devil Mood said...

Oh congratulations Niall!
I can honestly say that it's a privilege to have this window to your work and to your life!
Hope this continues for many years because while there's Art there should be Blog. :)


Happy Happy Birthday to you and your Blog Niall! Keep up the inspiring work.


Mystique Wanderer said...

Wow...and then some more... :)

Tys on Ice said...

damn man...thank you.

i came to ur site thru preeti's and iam so glad i did...ur art makes me think but more than that i think i like u as the person that u are...broody, sometimes grumpy, sometimes downrite crazy, a family man, someone who sees in everyday things something significant...

u know wht my fav picture is?

the lady in red.

shes part of a whole scenario and yet she stands out...

a lot like u...

Niall said...

Julie...If my blog were a child, indeed It would be raising the roof and stamping it's tny feet..maybe that is hat i should do..

PS..If there were no other result of my blogging..meeting you would be enough!

DM..You have challenged and encouraged me so much my Devilish friend...

Maria..Thank means a lot to be praised by one who is also very praiseworthy!!

Mystic Wanderer..Welcome,don't be a stranger!

Tysonice..and to you my dear are that bit more special, because you're a man!!..and a very special man at that.I have read your blog so many times and you always seem yo say with so much more panache and humour the things i've often thought and felt upon the subject of being a man..though we are thousands of miles apart and different cultures apart..I salute you.