Monday, September 22, 2008

Orbits - 34 Honey part 3

At the end of a concentrated session, I think I've reached a satisfying effect.(I've included the pencil drawing before any dots were applied) I have deliberated over almost each and every dot on her face. There are more to go, but I've had enough for this evening. when you see the portrait in the context of the whole picture, you'll see why it had to be right...if this had gone wrong..the whole picture would have been ruined....more tomorrow!


priyanka said...

it is so nice to see the documented process of your creations. Since I'm not very well acquainted what is this technique called?

Niall said...

Priyanka..Welcome,good of you to drop by.The technique is not was developed by Georges Seurat who was a noted French artists painting around the late 1880's during the time of Monet,Van Gogh etc...But whereas he painted in oils on a large scale, i work on a small scale using dots of ink...I coined the title 'Hyperpointillism'which sums up the technique.