Saturday, September 27, 2008

Orbits - 37.

I'm reading a great book at the moment which is slowly asserting itself into my thinking,I love it when a book lives on in ones thoughts past putting it down. Im reading 'Passion' by Jude Morgan (also the author of 'Girl With The pearl Earring) it is about the great romantic poets: Lord Byron ..Keats and Shelly...and is told from the point of view of the women who knew them as lovers and partners.

Last night Iattended the opening celebrations of 'Quad Derby'....a brand new arts centre for the county which boasts gallery, cinema and British Film institute media archive. There was a parade throuh the city streets of giant insects followed by a girl hanging from a baloon and firework display. See below!

all the insects were pedal powered and full articulated limbs..

The largest of the insect invaders was this wonderful Praying Mantis which roamed amongst the crowds spewing clouds of co2 gas!

Behind the Baloon Lady (Helliosphere) can be seen the new Quad building opened Friday 26th september.


AscenderRisesAbove said...

i saw these on your face book - amazing stuff.
I wanted to drop you a note about a change that I am making on my blog.
I am changing the format soon to create a quicker download and I plan am taking my recprical links to it's own page. But I wanted to make the recprical page special - rather then just listing people I thought I would put a little thumb photo or the logo of the site and a brief description. I appreciate your listing of my link on your site so I wanted to see if you were interested in this. If you are interested please send the image you would like to use and a short description to this address. I plan to create that page before I update my main page template. Right now the bare bones link page is at:
It will be a slow process as I will only be able to work on it a little bit a day.
Let me know if you are interested.