Monday, September 22, 2008

Orbits - Making Honey. Part one.

I think i'm a total 'headcase' sometimes..that is until I researched the work Leonardo DaVinci did before he completed the famous Mona Lisa.The are many many versions which he painted, at a glance all very similar..but unmistakeably the same woman.I wrote a few days ago about my fascination with a certain type of face...and believe me..I sketched it hundreds of times..literally!..but never quite turning out the way I imagine it.I actually quite find it quite exciting and frustrating in equal measures.One day I perhaps might achieve what I'm imagining..and until that'll have to put up with stuff like this!
So..why Honey I hear you ask? Well, the sketches that lead up to what you see here were as I've said, many. But the one that came before this looked uncannily like a character seen on a British Soap called East Enders.My good friend and EE fan Devilmood agreed with me. The sketch above doesn't look like her now..she has evolved..and as you will see, she'll evolve some more.

It's imperative to get the eyes my original sketch, she was looking out at the viewer..but as I drew her, she seemed to turn her eyes away..I like it when a picture develops in that way.

Having established the main features I decided it was time for a break and a tuna sandwich...already her hair line has altered...i might reestablish it to match the first drawing later...or maybe when I go back upstairs to work, she'll have changed that i'd like to see!....join me later for the next part.