Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cello - 18.

I really wish i could show you the piece I've been commissioned to do as it's very intricate and along the lines of 'Ball Of Wool'.Hopefully I'll finish that within the next few weeks! So I continue to press on with 'Cello' which is slowly beginning to evolve some interesting symbols and ideas. I particularly like the relationship between the butterflies and spiders webs..beauty, fragility and danger!
With much of the snow gone today, the hill where Annie was sledging yesterday resembled a frozen mud slide this morning. Strewn across the field were plastic sheets..road signs..broken tea trays and a canoe!..the remnants of which you can see in the photo to the right half way up.

- 0 -

As a postscript to todays post, I've just received a comment from a young lady living here in England who is the most wonderful pen and ink artist...I've just got back from visiting her blog and was blown away by her monochrome drawings. the thing that excites me more above anything else is that she also uses the same Dotting technique as I. If you get time, have a look over at Christine Farmer's blog...you'll not be disappointed!


Christine said...

Niall, thanks for the mention and link, that's so kind! I'm still amazed at finding a fellow dotter, and living so close too! Maybe no one else will understand :D Going to be following your work from now on.

Niall said...

Christine...I'm amazed by the grandure and texture of your dotted work....