Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cello - 25 . Frosty's demise

I did say i wasn't a fetishist..but I must be...What progress you see here is around three hours of work this evening,The pattern of flowers is now coming together, once i've completed the patern i'll darken the whole area, ...I've reached her knee..that's where things could start to go wrong (this was also true of my atempts of seduction in my teenage years!).So i've finished work for today...I've already spent around 5 hours on my commission piece earlier. Another development that i should mention: I had originally intended lots of long grasses and mist around the girl's feet..but i love the shape of the stool to added (it needs lots of refinment to it's curves yet), so it means I now have to put shoes on their i'm opting for Victorian 'Granny Boots'...more on that another day!

Meanwhile 'Frosty' continues to sub,it to the elements...I gave him a bit of a remodel (see below) but...
The weather continued to stay above freezing..he now looks a little startled...I replaced the carrot after the photo had been taken. Join me tomorrow to see if there's anything left!