Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cello - 31. Hong Kong Jan.

Here's how i've progressed with the rather stylised Dandelion field..eventually this will extend out across the whole width of the picture. It's intricate and time consuming work, but once the viaduct supporting the train and the moonlit sky are introduced it will look OK.

Below is a picture of Jan standing overlooking Hong Kong Harbour yesterday. She returned safely this morning exhausted and full of stories about how well the role players had been received.There will be more visits to Hong Kong in the future in the same capacity and a possible visit to Afghanistan in a couple of years for similar work.(ooeer!)


Vinoo John said...

Hong Kong is definitely a very vibrant city! in Asia...Hope JAn had a great visit

Devil Mood said...

Wow Afganistan, really?
It must have been quite a trip!

I'm enjoying the ground you're creating in the picture.