Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow pics

A view of my back garden

Outside my house!

A tree in the park

The top of our avenue with Annie and I arriving home from out sledging in the park

Annie just out from school

It was all downhill from here on in!

Home at last!

Of course as Julie commented..this is only a dusting...but it's the best we can hope for here in the middle of England and I for one think it's brilliant!


Devil Mood said...

I thought you wouldn't be able to escape this time! And it wasn't just a few snowflakes.
Wonderful pictures, the 3rd one in particular. wow.

Jonice said...

Whole lotta fun! I wish I was there, too. It's such a loooooong time I don't see snow... And the pictures are beautiful, Niall!


--xh-- said...


Sue said...

I know you were looking forward to the snow, I'm glad you finally got some! It's snowing here today. But I'm really starting to look forward to spring!

snow_white said...

i think your daughter is the real snow white!
i was viewing your blog,looked at your drawings,and sighed, thinking "God!I have a looong long way infront of me..." they're really amazing.
i already know i have to work hard