Friday, February 20, 2009

The Puppini sisters.

Still haven't managed to figure out that camera of Annie's..and missed the wonderful work done by a very nice man called Brian from Derbyshire Tree Services. He and his team came along to reduce the size of my enormous Willow it's looking rather bare and sad, but will fill out once spring comes along.

Today I've worked on both my commission and Cello girl..both of which are progressing nicely.So here is a video or two. I've decided that perhaps I'll set myself the goal of telling you things you regular readers don't know about me over the next few days. These two videos are of a group a lot of my friends wouldn't think of me liking. They're both by The Pupinni Sisters, a close vocal harmony trio ( think The Andrews Sisters)..the first song introduces the girls on a TV show I've never heard of ('The View' airs on ABC in America I think)

The second is a song called 'Spooky' and is by way of wishing Julie a very happy birthday for Saturday. If you're reading this..look out for the Skellys ..they reminded me of your embroidery!



Anonymous said...

In the words of the immortal Lux Interior, you've got good taste.

Niall said...

Dear Anonymous...sorry you could not declare yourself..but thank you,they are brilliant I agree!