Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cello - 30. Trip to London Tate Modern.

I must be suffering with some kind of visual dyslexia because over the course of the five weeks I've been working on this piece, I couldn't tell that the proportions of Cello Girl's lower right leg were totally wrong ( why didn't you tell me?). When this happens to any artist..the agony of knowing it's wrong just will not leave you until it's either corrected or the whole project is scrapped and restarted.Yesterday I went along with my family to visit the Tate Modern Art Gallery in London, and the whole time I was there, I felt this 'agony' of knowing my picture was so wrong whilst my eyes and senses were filled with hundreds of the most amazing and famous works of art that were so right....mostly.

Thankfully I have had time today to address the problem and though it's not entirely apparent here, I've lengthened her leg a little and bulked it out so that now I feel happy once again. I was also able to complete Skeleton girl's boots and start the long and complicated task of adding the grass and dandelions.

Below is a view from one of the galleries at the Tate is strictly forbidden in there, but I justified it because I wasn't photographing any of the art works. This picture shows the view along the Millennium Bridge over the River Thames towards Saint Paul's Cathedral.
The gallery is set with in an ex power station on the South Bank...on a grey day like yesterday, it looks dour and forbidding (see below), but is full of thousands of pieces of the most influential modern art works from 1900 onwards . The majority of the exhibitions are free and will take the serious art fan a whole day to view...Sadly I didn't get the chance to spend the time I wanted. but I was impressed with what i saw especially works by Miro,Magritte, Picasso,Mondrian, Paul Nash and Jackson's always good to see 'Wham' by Roy Lichtenstein in it's massive glory.There was far far too much to remember..but the whole experience brought home to me that art affects the whole influences thinking and political thought and helps make a community into a culture.

The worst part of the visit?..I tripped and fell down some stairs in the main hall.I hurt my back and shoulder..but hobbled on in the name of stupid machismo and pride.(what a fool is a man?)

I love travelling on London's underground..yes, even in the rush fact even more so as you feel yourself drawn into a seething mass of bodies each with their own story..loves , losses and disappointments, dreams and desires.Below a quiet moment ..that's me and my younger son Will in the mirror.

We ended the day in Camden Market..a huge sprawling alternative community of fashion shops and ethnic food. I thought I was pretty unique with my rainbow jacket, but with a few yards I'd seen them on sale on a few stalls.I could have spent a fortune...but I don't have a fortune, so I bought incense sticks and some hippy sunglasses. We all went to eat at a Cuban restaurant before returning to the car and driving home.


Devil Mood said...

Ah London, it's always good even from a distance :)

lol seriously, I know nothing about proportions, I don't think I noticed anything. But I understand your agony.

Hope the fall didn't have many consequences.

Niall said...

DM...No consequences really, I was a bit shook up but I'm OK today!

Sue said...

Quite a day! I think I would love that museum and the market. Someday Thor and I will get over to England and Ireland... who knows when, though?

As for her leg, it looks perfect to me... I guess that makes sense now that you've fixed it.

Now, back to work :D

Bob-kat said...

I have not been to the Tate Modern but I have been to MOMA in New York, in which case I am certain you saw some wonderful pieces (and perhaps some that were a little bizarre?) Glad you had a good day.

Now I have visited since you have put the detail in the stockings I can see what you mean about her leg. You have done such a good job of correcting it though and you seem to have managed to get the stocking design around the knee very convincingly.

Julie Schuler said...

Sorry to hear about your spill, but it sounds like a tremendous time, otherwise. I could use a good exposure to new, vibrant imagery. Lacking inspiration at the moment.

rashbre said...

Interesting view of the Millennium Bridge.

You've sort of captured part of its hidden 'workings' which most people don't see as the disappear down the tunnel part before arriving at the Tate.