Sunday, February 22, 2009

Take the last train to Neptune.

OK..continuing the 'interesting things you didn't know about me' theme, I'd like to share two very different pieces of music which though a millions miles apart in sound, are intrinsically important to me .As an seven year old school boy..(way back in 1968) my ears were already focusing on music. I remember the Beatles releasing songs..Penny Lane..Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds etc.But it was two different origins that gave rise to the way I listen to music today. the first was school..or rather the morning assembly.We'd all troop into the school hall in line to sing hymns , hear a story and celebrate any birthdays. but as we filed into the hall, there would be music played on a record player..usually classical it was often dull and boring. But to my ears, 'The Planet Suite' by British composer Gustav Holst immediately had me in it's spell. you must also remember that the NASA missions to the moon were gaining momentum and the first moon landing was only a year all things spacey and science fiction were of the moment.

I've picked Neptune The Mystic, to present to you today..eerie, atmospheric, ethereal and when the beautiful women's choir come in towards the end it sends shivers up my spine.To this very day it the most listened piece of classical music for me which continues to inspire me.

The second piece is 'Take The Last Train To Clarkesville' by The Monkees.Why don't I chose a Beatles track yo umay ask?..Well, the studio bosses got it right when they marketed the Monkees as a television show.The first real manufactured Boy Band.Every Friday we'd sit in front of the TV to watch the latest hilarious adventures then go off and play at being The Monkees..(I was always Davey Jones!)

So, put together the mix of classical and pop..and you get progressive rock/art rock...the music I listen to today.So, here are the videos for delectation.


Sue said...

I LOVED the Monkees. The clip was a great memory, thanks!

Devil Mood said...

As I already know the Neptune song, I listened to the Monkees. Happy music!