Thursday, February 19, 2009

Half way around the world...without me.

You see...the problem is this. Jan left today to work in Hong Kong for a few days, she's an actress and has work doing role play in medical/psychiatric settings and has been working regularly for a consultant in Oxford here in England. The consultant is involved training Doctors in Hong Kong and needed a small team of role players to work there.So Jan being his main contact in Derby was asked to assemble a team of actors. Annie and I dropped Jan at the Station this afternoon...anyway, I digress. the problem is that I let Jan take my camera with her. therefore you will have to forgive me if I don't manage to get any pics up in the next few days. Annie had a camera for Christmas, so I might be able to learn how it works. the meantime, maybe i'll post lots of 'Dad Rock' for you to listen to! mwahahaha!


Devil Mood said...

Oh you mean man!! hahaha